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Summer in Munich

Experience Munich in the fall without the expensive prices and massive crowds!
Golden Fall in Munich: “Beerhalls” (Wirtshauswiesn) in restaurants, shopping, museums, events.

Reopening 21. May 2021



Your Hotel Team

COVID-19 Update

Dear guests,
Our Hôtel du Train will be re-opened 21. May 2021. However, our business has protective measures we are obligated to follow. Please click below for more information.

In its 3rd generation the family Fahrngruber accomodates travelers in the heart of Munich, a prime location.

With its unique interior and love of detail, our Hôtel du Train (Hotel “The Train”) is dedicated to the theme of Agatha Christie’s “Orient Express” and takes you on a ride in this legendary, world famous train.

Originally, this house offered only single bed rooms for business travelers from all over the world. The peculiarity of offering only single bed bedrooms, together with my own passion for traveling on a train, inspired me to create this unique hotel concept. Each of our compartments features a theme from this legendary train.

Due to the special central location you can walk to Marienplatz in less than 10 minutes. Also in close proximity are the Ratshaus (city hall) with its unique chimes, the opera, “Viktualienmarkt”, and the world famous landmark of Munich, the “Frauenkirche”.

Furthermore, public transportation can be accessed at Sendlinger Tor, with only a few minutes walk. From there, the airport is only 40 minutes, exhibition center Riem is 20 minutes, and the Allianz Arena and the Olympic Park are on direct lines.

Stachus, Kaufinger Straße, and Maximilian Straße offer endless shopping opportunities and are in close proximity.



Christian H.-J. Fahrngruber

Our measures for your safety

Our protective measures for your safety

Dear guests,
We do our very best to ensure the certainty of your well being during your stay at our Hôtel du Train. We work diligently to implement and observe government rules and want to inform/assure you about the following safety measures:

Protective glass at the reception provides additional safety to prevent infection.

All employees and co-workers in contact with guests and/or food are educated to help/support infection prevention and wear face masks at work.

We assure a minimum distance of at least 1,5 meters (approx 5 ft) between tables and arranged seating in the breakfast area.

All tables and chairs get disinfected after each use. Dispensers with disinfectant are at your disposal at the entrance as well as in hallways.

All cutlery and dishes get washed in high temperature, industrial dishwashers.

All handles, latches, dials, and handrails are disinfected regularly.

Aside from all safety measures, we are depending on the cooperation of our guests in order to keep and maintain a safe environment for all. Therefore, we would like to ask you to observe the local, official rules and regulations to support our team.

Any questions you may have regarding infection prevention measures or otherwise, please feel free to contact us at:


“A new hotel is being built at Sendlinger Tor in Munich‘s city center. The special thing about it is that the Orient Express is to be reproduced as true to the original as possible – as are the stations in Paris and Constantinople.”
- Bayrischer Rundfunk

“Annoying when you get on the Orient Express and you don’t get a compartment. At least, that’s how the famous figure of Agatha Christie, the detective Hercule Poirot, feels when he boarded the famous train from Paris to Constantinople at the beginning of the crime story “Murder on the Orient Express”. If Poirot were not a figure from the 1930s but on the road now, one could call to him: Book a room in Munich instead of the train compartment.”
- Abendzeitung München